Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


Why does hypnotherapy help you quit smoking when so many other methods have failed?

The logic of the conscious mind is no match for the power and imagination of the subconscious. Hypnosis goes right to the subconscious mind to change thoughts and emotional patterns that have kept you from quitting smoking.

After the first powerful 3-hour hypnotherapy session, you will leave our office a non-smoker.

We will also help you learn about your smoking patterns. You will be given techniques and information to help you, to not only stop smoking, but also to help you eliminate the cravings. Quitting smoking with hypnosis is easier and has longer lasting results than any other method available for smoking cessation. Nicotine replacement never gets to the real reason why you smoke. Hypnotherapy will, and that is why you will not only quit smoking, but you will also learn techniques to help you deal with stress so that you don’t transfer your behavior to other unhealthy distractions.

In the three 2 hour follow up hypnotherapy sessions your new behaviors will be reinforced and you will learn to recognize and neutralize the emotions that underlie the smoking habit. You will say goodbye to the need to smoke and hello to a healthy, smoke free life. Not only will you stop smoking, but because you have neutralized the smoking triggers and have discovered new healthy ways to deal with problems, you will find a reduction in stress and a greater sense of well being in all areas of your life.